One way to achieve the objectives proposed by the UMH is through the Occupational Observatory, whose mission is to increase the level of “employability” of students and graduates, through tools such as internships, job placement, training competency and professional skills, information on labor market dynamics, personalized counseling or promotion of entrepreneurship. Its functions are:


  • Management practices of students in companies and institutions.
  • Promotion of university-industry relations through educational cooperation agreements and the job market.
  • Preparation of reports on the labor market: needs, employability of graduates of the UMH, and so on.
  • Organization of activities to facilitate the search for employment in the various campus and advise students in actively seeking their first job.
  • Management of business networking with the dual purpose of promoting work placements for students and employment contracts for new graduates.
  • Encourage entrepreneurship, train, inform and advise students for entrepreneurship as well as handle the presentation of their business plans for various prizes and contests.

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