certificate sexual offenses


With the entry into force of the Organic Law 1/1996 on the Legal Protection of Minors, amended by Law 26/2015 and Law 45/2015, volunteer establish the obligation of negative certificates Central Sex Offender Registry for all professionals and volunteers working in regular contact with minors is provided.

The Spanish Data Protection Agency in its report interprets 0401/2015 to consider “regular work with minors”, it is necessary that the job involves by its very nature and essence, regular contact with minors, minors being recipients principal of the service. Not necessary to present the certificate in professions that having regular contact with the general public, including those found minors, by their nature are not exclusively intended for underage audience.

The prevailing view is that the trainees are also obliged to this.


To get by this means, it is necessary to have an electronic certificate and access the Electronic Office of the Ministry of Justice. The Electronic Office of the Ministry of Justice allows any electronic certificate @firma platform, the DNI-e and Cl @ ve PIN. Obtaining one of those electronic identification systems allows you to get certificates sexual offenses quickly and easily, as well as performing other procedures with the Administration.

In the UMH you can obtain the electronic certificate in CEGECA and the General Register Office. The application procedure is detailed in this link: https://registro.umh.es/presentacion/certificados-digitales/


If the applicant is not Spanish, in addition to the certificate Central Sex Offender Registry to “habitually work” with minors must provide a certificate from their country of nationality in which they report lack of sexual offenses.


Ministry of Justice: Certificate of Sexual Offences (Information)
Ministry of Justice: Certificate of Sexual Offences (Application)
Issuing digital certificates in the UMH (requirement to obtain the Certificate of Sexual Offences through the electronic headquarters of the Ministry)

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