(Español) Derechos, deberes y normativa aplicable en el programa de prácticas

Ref. DYD-01/14

The parts binds himself to:

1. Respect the confidentiality of all the information and data that, notwithstanding the mean, he gets to know  as a consequence of the internship in the Entity and to refrain from disclosing them or reproduce them in any way outside the centre where the internship program is developed or the interviews with the academic tutor of UMH. In this regard, section 10 of the Parliament Act 15/1999 of 13 December on personal data protection (LOPD), establishes the obligation of keeping them safe, an obligation that persists even when the internship finishes. These data may refer both to the clients, patients, users and, in  general, those third parties that directly or indirectly contact the entity of internship; likewise those facts observed by the student or reported by the internship personnel and regarding said personnel are included. In particular, personal data even if they are not contained in computerized files, of the entity of internship, under the terms set in the LOPD are included.

2. Avoid using, reproducing, disclosing or commercially exploiting further acts of analogous nature beyond the Memorandum or Essay about the activities developed in the internship regarding the works carried out or being carried out in the internship centre and taking profit from the protection granted by the Intellectual Property Act approved by Decree 1/1996 of 12 April, the Act 20/2003 of 7 July on Industrial Design, Act 17/2001 of 7 December, on Trademarks, Act 11/1986 of 20 March, on Patents, all of them as amended.

3. File, if appropriate, a report of intermediate following up and, compulsorily, a final report to deliver to the academic tutor, as any other additional detail that the academic tutor may require to issue his assessment.

  • Personal details appearing on this document will be incorporated to a file owned by UMH to manage the internship of students with the only aim of managing the employment, internship in companies and training for employment as well as carrying out the survey, studies and promotion of activities inherent in the Occupational Observatory. The necessary personal details will be assigned to the company formalizing the insurance policy of the students, the body in charge of the Labour Inspection and the entity collaborating where the internship is carried out, who undertake to avoid the use for a different purposes, to avoid communicating them to third parties without consent of the interested parties as well as to meet the safety measures and other obligations arising from the personal data protection rules. Therefore the refusal of said assignment would make impossible the signing of this document. In any case, the rights of access, correction, cancellation and opposition may be exercised by sending a written communication attaching photocopy of the National Id. No. or other document addressed to the Occupational Observatory of UMH, Edificio La Galia, Avenida de la Universidad s/n, 03202
  • The student shall be covered by a health policy underwritten by UMH for these purposes. In case of accident he/she shall compulsorily report to Mapfre, to the 24-hour telephone for claims 902 136 524. Likewise, he shall immediately communicate this circumstance to the Occupational Observatory at , or by phone at 96.665.8646
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